February 25, 2024

How to Use Livestream to Make Content Streaming More Powerful

Livestream is a new Internet technology that is being used today by many individuals around the world. Live streaming refers to web-based streaming media, such as recording video and audio, which are later broadcast and viewed on the Internet at the same time.

In simple terms, it can be called live-streaming, but that overly simplified term is quite ambiguous since “live-streaming” can mean any media broadcasted and played simultaneously without the need for a full downloaded game or application. Most television programs are in fact live-stored programs. Livestreaming is different because it applies to all types of media stored and broadcast on the Internet.

What makes Livestream Singapore so useful?

One great advantage to Livestream is the fact that it allows for a user to not only watch a live stream of media like video and audio, but to also play that media back immediately on their computer. Therefore, instead of having to wait several minutes for a commercial to air before they can go live with their Livestream account, they can actually stream that content right onto their computer as if it were actually happening right then.

As long as there is an Internet connection to present, a Livestream user will have access to all of their content to live at that moment. Even though this type of technology may seem fairly new to most users, it has already become very popular among those who are already deeply involved in the online gaming and content distribution industry.

Livestream uses a technology called the Web Real Time Communication API to provide this feature. This API makes it possible for Livestream users to connect to their streaming media over the Internet as if it were being broadcasted directly from a television set or other similar device. With the help of WebRTC, the transfer of information between server and client is almost instantaneous.

For example, if a Livestream user wants to watch a live soccer game, all they need to do is connect to their Livestream account, and select “watch live” or “play live”, and the browser will automatically begin streaming the game right then and there without the need for them to go anywhere in order to do so.